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Monday, 14 May 2012

Nots so cold now pheweee!!

So Im not so good at this blogging thing, I just dont get the time, I dont know where some of these wonderfully creative women do it, in between being supermums, crafty devils and workaholics!! So I just thought I would update you on my new silhouette Cameo (slurp) I luuuurve it. It took a few hit and misses here and there but Im a whizz now anyway heres a few more cards Ive been working on.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Its so cold in my Conservatory STILL!!

As I sit here in my conservatory on the run up to mothers day, I swore after a very busy Christmas I wouldnt do this again. But it appears I cant say no, hehe anyway, Ive made a few designs but this one is my favourite this year. Much Better than last years, but I didnt have my lovely Cameo then...slurp!! Highly recommended!! If you only treat yourself once this year this is the beauty to buy. I only use scissors to open packets nowadays :) Ive added a few other pics of my latest creations all made with graphics from the clipart Fairy, teddy bo and my fabulous shiny machine.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Still rubbish at it

Well I thought I would update you all a little and say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I didn't make many Christmas cards because I had to work full time before the holidays, I know!! "how rude"!! Anyway Christmas went without hitch in fact without much of anything else. But now we're a whole month into the new year and my MOJO went west for a while. I just couldn't be bothered even looking at my craft room. Then some people asked if I could do a couple of cards and this spurred me through my mental block. how do you get through a mental block? I read blogs and watch youtube videos and somehow the inspiration returns. While I was surfing looking for my long lost mojo I found this lady here she is amazing and makes the most exquisite flowers from paper punches def worth a look and they must be easy because I made the lily's and after a few try's they look fabulous!!

Well my birthday is around the corner and I have just ordered my birthday present off my husband
look at this beauty Im just wondering when is the right time to tell him what hes bought me and how much its cost??? Well I am worth it :)

Have a great rest of your day, tomorrow I will be sat on the edge of my seat waiting for the postman!!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Im a rubbish blogger

I really am!! I read everybody's blogs in between one kid going and one kid getting up in the morning. Then once the last one has gone it all systems go, hoover, pots, washer on then off to my exile in the conservatory (FREEZING) and since my hubby's accident Ive been his B***H!! And theres nothing worse than a moany man! Oh dont think I said, he tripped over a tent peg on the first night of summer holiday and snapped his heel and his achilles tendon became untethered, I can say it now without going faint. Anyway hes on the mend and out of all Cyborg armour and walking/limping so he can make his own cuppa these days.

So today brings 7 cards sat on my table waiting to be made by tomorrow, Im not holding out much hope lol but I just thought I would share this. I made this last week for my friends mum who is an avid gardener. The template is from card-making downloads here and is quite fiddly and at one point I phoned my friend and asked if her mum would like a flowery card instead! but I did persist and pleased with it I was. The stickers and flowersoft were from Hobby Craft and the flowers from Wild Orcid crafts.
Im rubbish at taking the photos too!! 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Gorgeous new Over the hill card

this is a new set by the clipart fairy called over the hill 2. I have made an easel card and used beads and ribbon from my stash and made flowers using a marianne creatable die. Im really pleased how its turned out because the lady its going to is so NOT over the hill :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

I thought it was about time I showed you some of my creations.

 This one was Clipart Fairy Edges Frame in Pink with Fairy image and Pink Stripe Alpha, bling from Meiflower
 Clipart Fairy Blue book v3 although I used it as a plaque instead with matching Alpha and bling from Meiflower
 This is a gorgeous set Baby boy dress up from Clipart Fairy with a little Bling from Meiflower crafts
 Again clipart Fairy Pink shoes Flower from Wild Orchid
 This set was made for a groom to give to all the ladies on the morning of the wedding (before the makeup) I used Clipart Fairy Shapers and books and Ran a theme of horsehoes through all of them
The top one is a clipart fairy set called Gonna get married, I decided to use the cake and make a triple easel card flowers are Wild orchid coloured with promarkers to get the right colour and the ribbon is white also coloured with promarkers (nifty trick) and below I used a Clipart Fairy silver book. I rotated it and turned it into a plaque, the flowers are Marianne English rose and poinsettia and of course lots of dust

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Another struggle to find truck graphics prompted this one feel free to nab it, just leave a comment if you do thanks x